Corpus Christi Force is partnered with National Scouting Report to assist in our players recruiting needs. Since 1980, NSR’s mission has been to help match student-athletes and college coaches with the best fit for their futures and programs. But the mission is more than just helping athletes get scholarship money, or to fill open spots on a roster. NSR wants to help create better people on and off the field, and college athletics can help grow young people both intellectually and athletically. NSR strives to find an opportunity for every athlete to reach their full athletic and academic potential. NSR’s on-the-ground college scouts assess the abilities - both athletically and academically - of every prospect they enroll. Since they aren’t open enrollment, NSR must make sure all NSR athletes have the character, work ethic and determination to make it to the next level. To get evaluated please contact Callaway Smith. or 210-845-2535.




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